How much memory do I need?

So I want to buy the HP spectre 360. But I can't decide if I need the 4gb or 8gb. I dont game, dont edit videos etc. I use it to store pics, browse the web, watch Netflix and use office for papers etc excel and power point. I currently have a 6gb, and I haven't used all of it. Not sure exactly how much. The 4gb is on sale, so the price difference between the 2 is big. I did notice the 8gb has better speakers and Windows 10. You can uparade the 4gb to 10 for free. Can you help me figure out if I need the 8gb?

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by PuttockJohn195 In reply to How much memory do I need ...

The size of RAM is one of the most important components of computer. The speed of your computer work directly depends on it. So you should consider for what period you are going to use your device.
If you intend to switch it in the next two years, then 4GB should be just enough, giving that you only use computer for work or storage of files. However, if you want to use it for 5 years, you would better buy bigger size of RAM.

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