How Much Memory Is Needed to Upgrade 871w to Adv IP Security IOS?

By cyberpsych1 ·
I'm planning on taking my CCNA 604-801 on 31 Oct. Right now, I want to upgrade from Adv Security to Adv IP Services but when I try to download the image from my tftp server, it's telling me there's not enough room.

If I were to delete the current IOS (how would I do that by the way?) could I then load the new IOS?


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Memory Problem is amount of memory in FLASH

by mfgrandalski In reply to How Much Memory Is Needed ...

You need to delete the old IOS version in FLASH.

#Show flash [write down file name (letters # numbers)].

>ping [ip address of TFTP] If see it great, if not set it up. If you can't ping TFTP Stop till you do. Put a copy of the new IOS in the folder for TFTP.
(As a test, copy the current IOS to the TFTP. If you can't copy the current IOS to TFTP you won't be able copy the new from the TFTP.) Check TFTP you should see activity. Go to the TFTP folder and make sure file is there.

#erase flash:[file you wrote down from flash (You will need the extension of dot bin (.bin) added to the end of the file name]

#copy tftp [file name you put in TFTP (letters # numbers). You will need the extension of dot bin (.bin)] FLASH
Check TFTP for activity. When TFTP activity stops your done. Say a pray and Power off router and power back on.

Below is the IOS you want (it does everything):


Good Luck Matt.

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