How much of electricity does a computer spms take when switched on??

By shivkumarsarkar80 ·
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Suppose i have an 500 watt smps, so when i turn my computer on does the spms take up 500 watts, instantly??

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Quick answer.

by mjd420nova In reply to How much of electricity d ...

NO. It will only draw the 500W rating when under full load, not at startup.

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Power On Surge

by TheChas In reply to How much of electricity d ...

Actually, at the instant of power up, any power supply can draw multiples of the rated wattage. For a 500 Watt power supply, 1500 watts for a few MILLISECONDS could be expected.

Note that the time for the maximum current draw is very short. Also note that this would be from a fully off state. For most PCs, when the computer is off, the power supply is in a standby mode and is drawing a small amount of power all the time.

Long before 1 second after you turn the power on, the power draw settles to the level required by the load plus around 5% additional power for the power supply itself.

At maximum load, a 500 watt rated power supply would actually draw around 525 watts of power.

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