How much office space should an IT professional have?

By Tomnician ·
Here is my situation...

I work IT for my company of about 110 users expected to expand to 130-150 users. I currently have my own office of about 100sq feet. The company is consolidating everyone's offices to make room for many more employees...

I'm told that I will eventually have to share my office with 2-3 other people (Who are not going to be IT personnel) leaving me with just 25-33sq ft. (Just about enough room for a desk) This would eliminate my ceiling high 5 shelf storage, my 6x3 workbench and 4 tier filing cabinet. All of which are already full of IT related equipment.

I could really use some advice about this.

I need to convince any overhead that if this happens I will not have enough room to do my job. I almost feel as though it's not an option to give the only help desk technician -in the entire company- 25-33sq ft.

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by cmiller5400 In reply to How much office space sho ...

25-33 sq ft is not enough for even PERSONAL SPACE. I have a just shy of 6 foot reach from finger tip to tip. That's an circular area of 30 feet roughly. You step in that area, you are in MY personal space.

Also, for all the equipment that you have, where do they suggest you put it? on the roof? What about locking the equipment up so it doesn't sprout legs and walk away.

Ugh, 3-4 people sharing a 10x10 office is NUTS. That's barely big enough for one person!


Edit: Google "square footage per person in an office" Lots of interesting articles, but numbers that stuck out is 150-350 sq ft per worker. And it really depends on what you are doing, a call center person isn't going to need as much footage as a IT guy building/repairing computers. We have approximately 1250 sq ft of space for 3 people. That includes building/prep and storage areas etc. We have more storage in the basement.

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Have you considered all your needs as "the only help desk technician"?

by gdaniels In reply to How much office space sho ...

Do you have a lab area for your equipment? Not trying to be a wise a$$ here, just thinking what I would do in your shoes. Case in point, if I were being told that I have to "bunk" with 2 or 3 (are you kidding me, 3?!) other employees, then I'd build a case to explain how important it is to have the equipment available in a separate lab.
Additionally, have you considered this...You, as the only help desk technician, are not going to be a good room mate for the other two employees... have you considered how annoying your phone is going to be for them? I'm guessing it rings all the time... just sayin'.
A 6x6 area that you are in "occasionally" during the week, or during certain times during the day so your available to your boss, might work, if you have a lab of equal or greater space to get away to.
From your description of the 5 shelf ceiling high storage in your office, you're work space is doubling as a storage closet. It may be functional for you as both and office and a storage area, but it sounds to me like management maybe is trying to squeeze what it can out of the existing space, and still have some sort of asthetic appeal to those other employees you support.
My advice, FWIW, talk with your Manager and secure space for an IT support lab. Your angle... you shouldn't put test equipment on the company's live network, and you can safely and securely store spare equipment.
If you can not get them to appreciate you, and the contribution your role plays to the employees of the company, then you're as good as outsourced! Your Manager may tell you no, but you'll gain a measure of respect in his eyes by standing up for yourself with a compelling case.
Good luck!

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IT Respect

by fmuhangi In reply to How much office space sho ...

I keep wondering why company managers do not respect IT.I agree with gdaniels. If this company values its IT infratructure security and performance it should get you a lab for your work and equipment.

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