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How Much to hook up 50 computers and how

By craigpilcher ·
a sydney educational institution needs 50 computers networked. how do prices compare?
how many hubs,routers would i need? your help would be appreciated

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by VNCoder In reply to How Much to hook up 50 co ...

G'day Craig,
All depend on the requirements of the network.

Why do you need a router? Are you plan to connect the network to the Internet? or other networks?
What type of servers (file server, database server, etc) do you have? Are the network utilisation of each PC the same? If not, are there any particular group of computers communicate more to each other?

From your post "a sydney educational institution needs 50 computer networked", I am assuming this is for one or two classrooms. If that is the case, I would install a central server for managing the network itself, DHCP/routing/gateway/etc. It then connect to two separate hubs/switches (I prefer switches) for the two separate class rooms. Each class room will have it own subnet, such that traffic of classroom will not interfere with the other. The main server will connect to the two switches and does the routing of packets between the two subnets. The two classrooms would not exchange much data therefore the central server shouldn't be a bottle neck.

2 x Switches (24 ports) = $AUD 3000<BR>
1 x Server = $AUD 4000<BR>
Cabling = $AUD 1000 (depends if you cut the cable yourself or buy the ready-made ones)<BR>
Sub Total = $AUD 8000<BR>
Plus 50 PCs = 50 x $3000<BR>
= $AUD $15000<BR>

Total = $AUD 23000<BR>

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by dmiavez In reply to Depends...

VNCoder is on the mark...need a requirements survey to determine architecture, workstation/client needs, etc...
Several other considerations:
Cost of manpower was not addressed; software/licensing, to include AV/monitoring/NOS packages as well as OS...;
and if you check his figures, he's missing a decimal place for workstation cost....that would be 50X3000=150,000 not 15,000!!!

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by djent In reply to How Much to hook up 50 co ...

Is this an RFQ? I suggest you contact a local reseller/integrator, give him detailed specs and he will provide you a quote that is meaningful. Anything else is pure conjecture.

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Not enough information

by j1shalack In reply to

Not enough information is available.
Is the bldg already wired?
Is any network already in place to connect?
Will there be any training?
Will it need raceways, conduit, plenum-rated cabling?

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offering service

by VNCoder In reply to

Hello Craig,
I would like to offer you my service.
Please contact me via email if you are interested.

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