How much virtual memory with 2 GB RAM

By MarjaS ·
I know this is an old discussion but I have recently upgraded from 1 GB to 2 GB RAM. How big must the swap file be then? I have read so many different opinions that I have no idea whatsoever. I play games and I have 2x Geforce 7800GTX (in SLI). Or should I just let Windows decide the memory use?

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by 3xp3rt In reply to How much virtual memory w ...

Usually the virtual memory size must be double of your RAM size.

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to be honest

by Jesus_C In reply to How much virtual memory w ...

i have tested this theory and with this amount of ram you could live with 500MB min and max 1000MB

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by 3timestrouble In reply to to be honest

It really depends on what type of performance your looking for. Using you swap file will always slow you down. If you rplaying games you may not want that. If you are playing online though you are going to want enough mem so that you game, AV, AS, and windows can all run comfortably. The best thing to do is start everything you want to have runningand monitor the system performance/mem usage. if you are not running out of physical memory through say an hour of game play then I would kill the swap file entirely when you play and reset it later. Or you could look at what your using and just add 250-500MB over what is needed.

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Here is a good guide

by Jesus_C In reply to to be honest
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by MarjaS In reply to Here is a good guide

Thanks for your help. I followed your link and read the advice from Microsoft. My Windows says that the recommended size is 3070 MB so I have set the minimum and the maximum size on 3070 MB. This seems much though but O.K., if Microsoft says so...

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Well to be honest

by Jesus_C In reply to Thanks

the more ram you have in your system the less virtual memory you need but i would test it by changing it lower and monitoring it in task manager.Best of luck

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