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    How Network tunnel?


    by tyharo ·

    How would I network tunnel? Im on a secure network that has certain ports blocked that I need to use. I have been given permission to tunnel but I have no clue how I would do this. Are there any tutorials or walk throughs on how to tunnel?

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      by tyharo ·

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      do you mean ssh tunnel?

      by markp24 ·

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      hi you can use ssh tunneling, by installing open ssh, winssh, etc on the box you want to tunnel into (set the port (default is 22) then on your remote system you can use Putty, or tunnieler (or any other ssh client) setup a profile with the dns name and port of the ssystem you wish to remote to.

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      VPN? IPv6? "Tunnel" needs a modifer.

      by seanferd ·

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      What are you actually trying to do, and what were you specifically allowed to do?

      The blocked ports will still be blocked, whatever you do. Can you use a port that isn’t blocked? Otherwise, you’ll need to explain further?

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