How often are you impacted by unpredictable VDI/RDS environment issues?

By rahulh1 ·
Unpredictable workloads in VDI/RDS environment can cause a performance hit, with storage often at the root of the problem.

How your organization is dealing with such a situation and what’s the impact of such issues on your business?
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No problems here.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to How often are you impacte ...

But our IT is top notch and knows their stuff. If you are having issues, look no farther than you IT crew and their lead.

If this work is important, install a better CIO/CIT/ IT lead and staff.

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it really depends

by appltech In reply to How often are you impacte ...

It really depends on what kind of VDI (and hypervisor type) it is, how the storage is distributed among virual desktops, what kind of storage (SDD/HDD) is installed. Hard to answer your question without specifics.
But I agree with the other answer - tell your IT staff to do something :)
If you are the IT staff - try dedicated forums.

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