How often do you reformat your personal computer?

By Paper_boy558 ·
Personally in the past i often formatted my laptop every two months or so because i often experimented with the operating system and broke something or just trying out a new setup. Currently i haven't formatted for almost year because 1: I don't see the need right now. 2: I don't have enough backup space to backup everything that is on my machine. What is your reason for reformatting (or not) your personal machine?

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As Needed

by TheChas In reply to How often do you reformat ...

I perform a clean install of Windows "as needed".

If I update hardware, I am more apt to perform a clean install rather than deal with the driver issues.

Also, if Windows slows down past the point of running acceptably, I will do a clean install.

With the size of external drives, there truly is no excuse to not have enough storage space to back up your drive.

I have started to make Acronis images of drives to make it much quicker to restore.


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Reponse To Answer

by Paper_boy558 In reply to As Needed

Well i understand what you are saying about the cost of external drives. I currently live in Jamaica & the cost of hard drives are expensive here. I am planning to get a 1.5tb soon though :)

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I avoid re-install like the plague . . .

by Who Am I Really In reply to How often do you reformat ...

because it's a > 60 hour job

and i only do it when absolutely necessary,
which is usually
- when something breaks badly and can't be repaired simply by restoring the image
- new machines to get rid of the bloat- crap- sponsor-ware

also I use a locked up & screwed down configuration that disables as much of the unnecessary crap I don't use
- all user files separated from C which is for OS / Programs only
- recycle bin = disabled / off via config. and group policy
- system restore = disabled / off ^
- user tracking = disabled / off

which in turn means that a 7 year old install of XP is still performing nearly as good as it did new
and most of the slowdown comes from the AV updates requiring more hardware
and not general usage bloat
eg. McAfee VSE 8.5 doesn't use as much resources as VSE 8.7 does
VSE 8.7 brings a P4 down to a crawl on certain tasks because VSE 8.7 has more components running @ "Process Priority High" than the previous versions

my 2007 XP install on a Core2Duo is just as fast as it was out of the box
with the only slowdown occurring at boot time (approx. 2+ minutes for boot)
whereas a fresh install would boot in less than 30 seconds

however, app performance including opening is the same as day one
eg. Firefox opens in about 3 seconds

mind you, Firefox is configured to store nothing:
- no browsing history
- no DL history
- no cookies

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Twice an Hour by the feel of things on Windows Systems

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How often do you reformat ...

But the workhorse systems are set and forget.

Now days whenever I change an OS under some form of Linux is the only time I reformat and that's just to try something different not because it's necessary.

Windows Systems though are painful if you get 18 months out of one you are doing well but even then they get painfully slow and are costing the companies who use them money in wasted time.

I slipstream the Service Packs, Drivers and Hot Fixes to a Install Disc and then install, that way till the Hot Fix load gets up again the system works well and slows down over several months to the point where the users start to complain that it's now unusable.


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Reponse To Answer

by markp24 In reply to Twice an Hour by the feel ...

Hey, I would post the smae as you on this one, My main windows system i actually have kept for 2 year without formatting, (bui this one is only used for my personal files, etc and ralrly connects to the internet.) the windows sytems that do connect to the internet and are used heavily, i usually end up formatting and reloading 6-8 months because they start to bog down. The linux boxes i loaded for brosing the internet and email still have yet to reformat/reload them since i installed them.

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Waste of time

by Trentski In reply to How often do you reformat ...

I have never rebuilt my home computer, it runs a lot better than my work computer. If I ever mess anything up like you did, I just do a system restore, won't waste time rebuilding

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Reponse To Answer

by Paper_boy558 In reply to Waste of time

i understand where u are coming from, but i have to admit personally system restore has never fixed any of my problems when things get messed up. But funny enough when I'm repairing someone's computer it has helped. ha ha ha :)

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cam to u

by daniel quaye In reply to How often do you reformat ...

about 1s in a mont

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Every few months

by Frenz9 In reply to How often do you reformat ...

It usually lasts a few months, then i reformat.

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Every 6 months or so

by NPSage In reply to How often do you reformat ...

I have my HDD partitioned so that I can nuke and pave the Windows install without having to worry about having doing a backup directly beforehand, (Not that I don;t perform them, it's just that I don;t have to worry about running a back up and verifying it right before I decide the system needs a clean install) and I keep all application installers and driver installers in their own folder in the same place I keep my documents, so It's a simple matter of install, boot to desktop, and install programs while I amuse myself with a book or movie.

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