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How Old Should You Be To Get Your Certification

By mikeymaster54 ·
im 14 and im a very good computer tech should i become a+ certifid

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You need to be 18 or over to sign agreement

by Why Me Worry? In reply to How Old Should You Be To ...

At least that is what it is for CNE and MCSE. Even if you could get certified at your age, who would hire you? you are not old enough to work at age 14 and lack experience in the workplace. You would be seen as just another paper cert.

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by Roger99a In reply to You need to be 18 or over ...

I say if you can get it then get it. I worked with a young genius years ago that came in after school, but who would hire you is a different issue. If you have the cert then you have it and when the time comes to get that job that gets you through college you can get the IT job that gets you experience.

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wit if i worked on computers since i was young

by mikeymaster54 In reply to You need to be 18 or over ...

wat if i was workin on computers since i was 5 and helped other people?

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by ITJUNKIE In reply to wit if i worked on comput ...

Now this is a joke. You are 14 dude. YOU ARE A KID

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wat if i get jobs wit out my cert

by mikeymaster54 In reply to

i already get jabs working on other people comp and they said that i was better than the tech they hired for this really big business that charged them a arm and a leg

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You may get "jobs" in your small town but...

by Why Me Worry? In reply to wat if i get jobs wit out ...

no professional firm is going to hire a 14 year old kid to work for them. First of all, you can have all the certs you want, but the fact is that you do not meet the minimum legal age requirements to be employed in this country and your certs without professional experience in a professional work environment don't amount to squat. Just being able to fix computers is not enough. You have yet to experience "working" in the real world and dealing with managers, coworkers, and annoying clients. It is by no means a walk through the park and at your age, I doubt you lack the maturity to know how to handle yourself in an adult and professional manner. Second of all, the cert you get today will most likely be worthless in 4 years when you turn 18, so what have you really accomplished with that obsolete cert at the time you will enter the job market? Think about it, certs open doors to employment, but are no guarantee, and at your age, you can't even apply for a job that pays you on the books and witholds taxes from you. If you have the money to spend, go for a cert, but know that it won't entitle you to anything at your age, other than bragging rights to your friends.

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Give the kid a break

by grbeckmeyer In reply to How Old Should You Be To ...

Wow, bet you didn't expect theses kinds of answers, huh. Just my opinion, but WHAT'S IT GOING TO HURT? I say go ahead and get your cert, and be proud when you click that last answer and pass your test! Now, keep in mind that a cert is just that, a piece of paper that says you passed a test. By itself, it really doesn't mean much, but all other things being equal it may be just enough to give you an edge. And on top of that, getting it at 14 I think shows some initiative and desire to excel that anyone using their brain should recognize. Last comment - the IT field is always changing and requires continual education, so just be sure that is the direction you want to take and don't coast by on your early success.

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age requirement

by grbeckmeyer In reply to Give the kid a break

Can't vouch personally for this, but I know I've read of a 12 year old MCSE and just recently of a 9 year old in India I think. So I would assume there are ways around any age limits on the agreement (maybe having a guardian witness or sign?)

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by ITJUNKIE In reply to age requirement

You are right. I apologize. My thought is just that by the time he is ready to apply this ini a real IT enviroment, it will be replaced with something else. Why pay the 145 per test to just have it?

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by deepsand In reply to age requirement

If you are too young, in your state, to legally enter into a contract, you can arrange for another to so do, with you being the beneficary.

The only legal requirement then might be that there be an equitable interest between the sponsor and the beneficary. Generally, immediate family members, grand-parents, children, and legal quardians are presumed to have such an interest.

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