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How pathetic is this?

By buntyagrawal ·
Being a Masters of Computer Science, I always tend to think outside the box.

Here's an example:

A user at my company was never able to send e-mails to I did some reaseach and found out that if I use the e-mail address (all small letters), mail goes through. I turned google upside down searching for Exchange 5.5 + lowercase address and all variants of this search... nothing!

Today, that user comes to me and says that a co-worker was able to send email to I had to see it to believe it, I sent out a test email from that users computer to, it went through!

Know what the problem was? The user was using Outlook2K and the co-worker was using OutlookXP.

Will somebody remind me why did I get a Masters degree for this?

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by JamesRL In reply to How pathetic is this?

Are you proud of your accomplishment in getting an MSC - good for you.

But you didn't need a masters for this task. Basic troubleshooting can be done by someone without a university education. I can recommend a course in it, but it is quite possible to be an intuitive troubleshooter without education.

Complaining about having a job? Lots of people want one......perhaps you'd like to step aside.

BTW I would suggest you haven't solved the question until you have tested it with more than one user. I remain dubious that the client has anything to do with it. I would suspect the mail server, or a mail filter, anti-spam software, firewall etc.


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I love my job!

by buntyagrawal In reply to MSC

And yeah, I would agree that you don't need an education for basic troubleshooting, but and MSC does help answer a lot of questions one faces as a Network Administrator.

I double checked, with multiple clients, I still don't know why this happened, but it did! I can't believe this either and I'll keep investigating.

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Here's one guy's opinion

by maxwell edison In reply to How pathetic is this?

A lot of people are, what I might call, checklist-type or repetition-type people. They work well with clear and explicit direction, but if anything outside of those directions presents itself, they are lost.

If there's one thing that a college degree gives you, especially an advanced degree, it is the skill-set necessary to chase that moving target, so to speak, and to think about and consider the bigger picture. That's not to say that a person without a college degree couldn't do the same thing, but that's what college teaches a person over and above everything else (among other things, of course).

But I'm not really sure what you want by posting your question. You asked, "....remind me, why did I get a Masters degree for this?" Well, define "this". Is it the fact that you missed something that the user picked up on? Is it frustration over the fact that Microsoft may have two different versions of a software that behave differently? Is it that you somehow feel superior for such mundane problems? What it the "this" that you are talking about?

But if you got a Masters Degree for any reason other than to broaden your own horizons, then you got it for the wrong reason. At least that's one guy's opinion.

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