How repair dbf and index files?

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I have a 2008 server setup for testing, we have a FoxPro database that is
served off a server share on this box. It is simply files ( .dbf index files ) that
exist on a normal share, not DFS, just plain old share. This application
was living on a 2003 server, but testing it on the 2008 server - we are
getting corruption. The indexes will randomly corrupt about 10 times a day.

I have RDC turned off, it really is just a plain jane server. What changed
with plain old file servering between 2003 and 2008?

The client PCs are either XP or Vista.

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by snowjohn110 In reply to How repair dbf and index ...

This application was living on a 2003 server, but testing it on the 2008 server - we are getting corruption.>

Please contact this application provider to make sure this application is compatible with Windows Server 2008. If you test it on Windows server 2003, may I know if this issue still persists? Besides, could you please explain to me more about the file corruption? It's better to give an example and descript the symptom when corruption occurring. Is there any error messages in the Event viewer?

<What changed with plain old file service between 2003 and 2008?>

There some significant improvement about file service on Window server 2008, such as use SMB (Server Message Block)2.0 protocol, Transactional File IO etc.

Prior to Vista, SMB has an architectural limitation in the form of a 64KB buffer size limit which cannot be overcome through the use of TCP window scaling. SMB 2.0 in Vista is a new and redesigned protocol which removes this limitation (Vista is also backwards-compatible with SMB1).

About more improvement about file server on Windows server 2008, please take a look at the following resource:
If anything is unclear, please post back.

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by Yagodizza In reply to Answer

Thanks, i got it. It works =)

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