How safe is EZVid program?

By Momomaru1999 ·
Has anyone heard of EZVid and is it safe to load? What are other alternatives to screen capturing software that are safe to use?

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Have not heard or used EZVid,

but I did uncover this for your reading pleasure...
If all you are wanting to do is screen capture, EZVid is overkill from reading the details at the link above. I haven't used a screen capture program other than the print screen key in a few years, the one I use is just a simple thing called Capture (it's very old, might not run on new Windows) and I've used IrfanView for more controlled screen captures.
As to EZVid being safe, depends probably on what you mean by safe. The website it is hosted on seems to be safe and is OK according to Web of Trust. However, the installer seems to download and install possible adware/spyware, which may attempt to change settings on your computer such as your browser homepage, search engine, etc. So in this case, it may not be something you want.

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