How Secure & Reliable Cloud Computing

By adiariyanto ·
my company just start to look new technology that can help us to solve IT problem

i hear what it call cloud computing, after i read some source i have a lot question about this technology

how far cloud computing is secure and reliable?? i am quite agree with Richard Stallman's for his opinion that cloud computing less secure for sensitive company data to be host on internet

i am open to discuss

thank you


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cloud computing

by Ashley mason In reply to How Secure & Reliable Clo ...

It's a new technology in IT industry and it is uses the central remote server and internet to maintain data and application. It provides many facilities to consumer but I have no deep knowledge about the security & reliability.

But I really want to know about security & reliability of cloud computing.

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Yes we know what Cloud Computing is

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to cloud computing

But I'm not sure that your question is answerable in any fashion that doesn't rely on Personal Opinions.

The facts are that you are not hosting your Data so you have no control over it. If the company who is hosting it gets Cracked or has a Hardware Failure your Data is gone. Or worse it's sold on to your competition.

If there is any Complacencing Issues the Cloud is most likely out of the question for nothing more complex than the simple fact that you do not control your Data. So places that rely on even Basic Security fail to meet the requirements involved in getting Accredited.

Also you need to understand that when your local country Infrastructure even the globe depending on where the data is stored in the end goes down so does you're Computing Abilities so a Power Failure that doesn't directly affect you can kill your Data Storage or say for argument sake your Data is hosted in China and it was in an area affected by the recent Earthquake it may be months or longer before that location is up and running again. The idea with the cloud is that the data moves around as places drop on and off the cloud but the reality is that when you pay a company they have their preferred resellers who have their preferred resellers and so on and you tend to end up with very limited possibilities for where your Data & Services actually are. Most chose the cheapest locations available.

Then something as simple as a bulldozer bringing down a Line can kill your Internet Connection and hence your computers and Data Store for anything from a few minutes to weeks depending on how severe the damage actually was initially and what has happened as a result of that damage. Recently here one of the Telco's had their Optical Fiber Trunk Line dug up which immediately killed that service and the resulting Backup was overloaded which brought that down for the best part of a day till they could get the Fiber Cable repaired. Their Wired Backup took quite a bit longer to get up and running but the customers and end users didn't notice as they routed a lot of the Wired traffic over the optical fiber cable .


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It's not - the technology, as promoted, is very new and has

by Deadly Ernest In reply to How Secure & Reliable Clo ...

already had three cases of major or severe data loss. No security as all work is over the Internet, data is stored where they wish and how they wish, so you have no control. Any issues with Internet access and you business comes to a grinding halt real quick, and the trouble could be at the other end, halfway around the world.

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Evidence would suggest it's neither

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to How Secure & Reliable Clo ...

Catch-22 time
The cloud is being sold on cost savings.

Making it secure and reliable will cost money, which makes it unattractive to the vendors.So they soend most of their time convincing you that it's not a concern.

The latest wheeeze, is to get you to host your data with two or three providers.

Made me laugh my arse off that did.

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Thank You for your answer

by adiariyanto In reply to How Secure & Reliable Clo ...

Its make me more understand about this new product

what about cloud computing only email security service(we pay some company to secure & to eliminate spam), but keep having the mail server in the company

i am not deny that this new approach is quite simplified IT management

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Less information

by office In reply to How Secure & Reliable Clo ...

I see less information regarding implementing security and cost for the same - in cloud computing environment. Need more articles, support groups.

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Of course you see less information about security and control

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Less information

Just give them your money and your critical data and applications, lay off your people sell the kit second hand, then get promoted somewhere else before the wheels come off.

As far as I can make out, that's the basic premise anyway.

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