how setup fast wireless internet service in small city?

By fokru ·
I would like to provide a fast wireless Internet service for the whole of my city, such that everyone can be anywhere within the city at any time.Consider houses, offices, neighborhood centers, moving vehicle etc. I need the following information:
? Hardware requirement & quantity
? Software requirement
? Bandwidth requirement
? VSAT or fibreoptics solution?
? Other technical details
? Breakdown of cost implications
Thanks in Advance for your quick response.

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RE: Breakdown of cost implications

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to how setup fast wireless i ...

That's easy Simply Enormous.

Hardware requirement & quantity

Here do you mean 802.11 or Cell Phone type WiFi? Either way expect to have a Tower with Aerials every 500 Meters or less for 802 and every K for 3/4 G Cell Phone Network. But again this all depends on the number of users per square Kilometer. You may need considerably more Towers the Radio Spectrum is very limited and there isn't enough of it for lots of WiFi connections simultaneously.

Software requirement

This all depends on what system you want to use and how big the city is but you need to expect the have the resources of a Major Telco behind you for this and the Software also depends on your Billing System.

Bandwidth requirement

Again how big is the city but the larger the number of people the more Bandwidth you'll need in the Radio Spectrum. As for Internet Bandwidth 20 MBS or better is the minimum and look in the several hundred GIG Range.

VSAT or fibreoptics solution?

Again all depends on the technology you plan on using but no matter what you'll need an Optical Fiber Backbone around the City just for all the different connections from the Transceiver Towers.

What you basically need is the resources of a Major Telco to do something like this and even then the Studies as to what is required take years.


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