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    How should firms assess IT-led marketing change: CRM


    by m1h2 ·

    Dear CRM Experts

    I am currently conducting exploratory qualitative research study on, How firms should assess Customer Relationship Management (CRM) investments to ensure Return On Investment (ROI). The findings/outcomes will be published in a paper in September 2013 by Cranfield University School of Management.

    The research question is:

    Can marketing (practices and strategy) be aligned with CRM (practices and strategy) to assess return on investment (ROI)?

    As CRM ROI is still an evolving profession and academic field it would add substance to the research if you may provide me with your expert opinion, experience or recommended solution to this endearing issue. You may simply respond to the research question above via email, attach a paper you have published, video, conference paper, blog or case study of your own professional experience with CRM ROI.

    I will be happy to collaborate with all who participate and send drafts and the final paper for reviews before publishing to ensure academic research ethics, integrity and non-disclosure options. I have set up a twitter conversation @muteriHzemura, #CRM_ROI if you prefer to send links or have a live twitter Q&A and can add a follow to your twitter account.

    I have added my full contact details below and would really appreciate your highly regarded professional contribution to this area of both study and professional practice.


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      Can marketing (practices and strategy) be aligned with CRM? Yes.

      by aidemzo_adanac ·

      In reply to How should firms assess IT-led marketing change: CRM

      Um, yeah, we did that in 1986 though, when CRM was in absolute infancy. SalesForce CRM (cloud based) includes a full set of ROI tools too, as does MS CRM now.

      The part that shocks me is, “IT LED MARKETING” Since when was marketing part of the IT tool box or skill set? Even most employers have no idea what they are doing in that respect.

      I’m not trying to downplay your skill set but if you are simply looking for a number crunch as a solution, the mindset does not fit sales at all. Our company is owned by a very ingenious man with several degrees in computer science.
      He has come to me with his “formula” a dozen times, which I laugh at and explain that there is no such thing as a sales formula, beside basics like the 5 steps and 3 closes yada-yada.

      But there is NO number formula for sales pipelines.

      As for ROI based on marketing campaigns, that is easily set up and managed with today’s CRM solutions. It makes the boss feel good to have a graph and a chart with pipeline stats, but honestly it means F-All in the grand scheme of things.

      Sales is a living thing, it breathes, it grows, shrinks, changes unpredictably etc. You can manage a pipeline but to base any success, bonus structure or future marketing plans based on ROI of marketing efforts, it’s as good as playing darts with a tennis ball, it ain’t gonna stick. You cannot make sales a science, no matter how many have tried, it doesn’t exist.

      Another thing to keep in mind is that sales is sales, regardless of how unique your company, product or approach is, selling a bag of nuts is no different than selling a multimillion dollar proposal, same routine, same steps as you can read anywhere else on the planet. Go with what’s already out there, it DOES apply to you too. The reason they call it a numbers “Game” and not a numbers science is because it is not a science and the numbers are always changing.

      Most importantly, don’t look for a hard solution, it simply doesn’t exist and you will kill off your best team players in a heartbeat if you try to reach targets based on past results, this isn’t IT.

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