How should I do , my image rotate to 180 degree?

By Moe Phyu ·
Last week I faced some problem with my notebook.
So, I installed windows 7 and also installed VZO video chat.In both VZO and Yahoo Video chat my image was rotate to 180 degree. My friends were laughing a lot.^_^
How should I do? Please give me some suggestions.

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Odd problem

by robo_dev In reply to How should I do , my imag ...

Is this an ATI video adapter? There is the ATI
Catalyst Control Center application that can, among other things, rotate the screen 180 degrees.

My guess would be that there is a registry entry that exists for screen rotation.

Re-installing the video driver may fix it.
Also you could use system restore to change back to the known good state.

Did you run any applications sent to you by your friends?

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Look at the manual

by seanferd In reply to How should I do , my imag ...

or the graphics properties if you can read them. There is probably a hot-key combination (like Ctrl + ↑ ) that changes screen rotation.

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CTRL+ALT+ up arrow

by Kenone In reply to How should I do , my imag ...

CTRL+ALT+ down arrow flips it the other way. Your friends are aholes and you need to try not to be such a tool.

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