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How should I monitor web traffic... on a limited budget?

By amdavis3 ·
Hello. I am needing away of tracking the users' "web surfing" locations. This "document" should contain things like who the user is, what the web site is that they visited, etc. But with the limited budget I have, if at all possible, I need to either be able to do it through (a.) Windows XP Professional or (b.) Windows Server 2003 (i.e. we already have these). Is there any way of tracking this, through Event Viewer or the like? If there is anymore information that you need, please do not hesitate to ask me. Thanks for any help!

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A Few sugguestion

by cmiller5400 In reply to How should I monitor web ...

This can not be done nativly in Windows. You must find a piece of software such as SurfControl or Websense that will do this. There are some free solutions for Linux I believe, but I am not a Linux expert.

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Proxy server logs

by JamesRL In reply to How should I monitor web ...

If all you want to do is track, you can make a proxy server(s) be your gateway to the internet. The firewall would then only pass traffic from the proxy. The proxy can and will log every website a user visit. You then have a huge log to go through.

It can be a network bottleneck, but the proxy can also serve as a cache for often visited sites.

Virtually every server has a proxy function.


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Re: Proxy server logs

by amdavis3 In reply to Proxy server logs

Thanks James! Since I am new at this, how should I go about implementing this proxy server for my office? Right now, it is configured as a file server. If there is any additional information that you need, please do not hesitate to ask me for it. Thanks again!


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2K3 Standard?

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to Proxy server logs

Don't recall seeing a proxy on it - where can it be found?

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Try ezAPM

by clin In reply to How should I monitor web ...

ezAPM beta is a free, simple to use solution that lets you keep track of end to end performance of Linux server applications.
Please feel free to download and try:


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