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How should IT pros dress?

By jasonhiner Moderator ·
A new TechRepublic poll asks, "Do IT pros need to dress better?

- No, casual should be the universal standard
- Yes, every IT worker should dress in a professional manner
- Only those who interface with customers need to dress well"

What do you think? IT pros have a general reputation for their sloppy and unprofessional wardrobe habits. Is that okay, or should techies be working to change that perception?

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by BFilmFan In reply to How should IT pros dress?

Professionals should dress fitting to the circumstances.

A suit when interacting with clients.

Business casual when at the home office or at the client's directions.

Casual when it is fitting.

Most IT departments years ago shed the 3 piece suit and sloppy jeans and T-shirt image years ago, except as a stereotype.

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by rob mekel In reply to Professionals

Although the 3 piece suit is returning overhere (NL) more and more again.


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by Jellimonsta In reply to Agreed

Where in NL are you Rob? My uncle lives in Zandfoort.

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by Windows2000Fan In reply to Professionals

I tend to not trust shirts, myself.


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trust ?

by rob mekel In reply to However,

Depends on what shirt, doesn't it.

for sure those navel-shirts, and so on, don't look good in a working environment (not being the entertaining industry)


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Base on how much

by roma70 In reply to Professionals

I think we should dress in base of our pay.
Some people doesn't earn enough to afford a business attire.
By the way back ten years ago all IT Pros were dressing below standard but earning more money that what we earn now

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under dress

by rob mekel In reply to Base on how much

So you will "under" dress as what your boss does, as your boss is normaly earning more then you do.


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Pay-based Dress

by Dr_Zinj In reply to under dress

Tongue in cheek humor follows:

Let's see.

Pay (as a level of purchasing power) has drastically dropped versus what it was 5 years ago.

I suppose my first year help desk people woul dbe at the bottom of the queue wearing nothing but ragged loin cloths for everyone and matching breast covers for the women.

Me, being a step up of course, would have the deluxe one-peice pull over tunic, suitably stained with the past month's meals.

My boss would then be dressed ala homeless person.

The CIO should then be able to afford a decent suit.

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you got the irony right :)

by rob mekel In reply to Pay-based Dress

to the extreme: What if the CIO is dressed ala a homeless person. ?


edited for emoticon and still wrong, but not any more

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I am happy

by stargazerr In reply to How should IT pros dress?

in my jeans and "Thats funny ... it worked on my machine" T-shirt ...

But if an IT Pro interacts with customers .... they need to dress sharp.


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