How should we calculate Total Relevant Experience of Candidates?

By ameet.nagdev ·
What are the factors that should hold prime importance while calculating Total Relevant Experience of the Candidate during the Selection process in a software company?

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Get HR out of the Mix and send all applicants directly

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to How should we calculate T ...

To the department that needs staff. The managers heading those departments if they are worth anything at all can pick their own staff quite easily.

When I worked Big Business every one that HR sent to me was useless and when I went looking through the rejected ones by HR I always found my next employee.

While there is a use for HR in business they just should be removed from the selection of staff used to produce something for the company as they can never understand what really is required and get carried away with Paper Certifications and ignore Practical Experience. On the other side of the coin they see some highly qualified person and reject them as being over qualified and are unlikely to stay the distance when actually that person wants that job. For instance I have 3 Ph D's and would immediately be rejected by any HR department as not being willing to suit the needs of the company and move on as soon as possible. But with every company that I've worked at the HR department was only handed my work experience after the fact and I worked at every job till the company changed direction and my position became untenable to continue to work there. The moment that they wanted me to lie to the customer I walked away but till that point was reached I was always considered as The Best Possible and was constantly on the menu with the Head Hunters.


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What ^^ HAL9000 ^^ omitted to mention...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Get HR out of the Mix and ... that he's also VERRRRY MODEST!

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Thank you so much for responding to my question

by ameet.nagdev In reply to Get HR out of the Mix and ...

To be very honest, you are the only person to respond to my query. I thank you sincerely for this wonderful gesture. While I agree the fact the recruitment team may miss out on a few very good contendors for the job under consideration, but I completely disagree on uprooting the recruitment team from the selection process.
What distinguishes the star performers in your team to the average performers? What are the traits they treasure that sets them apart?
As a hiring manager, what would be the key factors that you will give weightage to while hiring for a particular position? Would you give weightage to the specialised trainings or for that matter certifications. Lets face it, though the trainings and certifications cannot give the hands on in the live project but it does impart the knowledge pertaining to the subject. Will you give preference to a B.Tech graduate over a B.Sc. graduate? Am eagerly awaiting your reply.

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I fear you are totally missing the point ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Thank you so much for res ...

I for one, have NEVER been interviewed for a job that I didn't get hired to do - I was never unsuccessful.

Now, from an HR point of view, you'd probably surmise that the HR Department had been excellent in its selection process.

You'd be wrong on 2 counts.

Firstly, I have always sent my CV to the Managing Director, even when HR sent me the blank form, therefore I've never been part of the HR mix. Some HR managers were so inept that they sent me reminders for the application I 'hadn't' sent back (those reminders I also forwarded to the relevant Managing Directors).

Secondly, I have NEVER applied for a job that I did not fully want. I was just very selective which jobs I applied for.

HR should stick to what it was originally designed for: to handle the needs of existing human resources, those that already are employed - those that were selected by experts in their own field.

The speed with which you replied to Hal 9000 is wholly indicative why I dislike HR. You didn't even apologise for the delay!

Maybe you never noticed it!


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A clear example of HR "eagerness"?

by jdclyde In reply to I fear you are totally mi ...

way to funny.

the slow grinding of an HR machine.....

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An honest answer

by JamesRL In reply to Thank you so much for res ...

As a manager who hires all types of IT people, I look less at certifications and degrees than I do at relevant experience. Theory is good, experience is better, and related recent work experience is best of all.

Its hard to get that from a resume, its the kind of thing you probe on.

I use HR people to screen out the masses till they come up with 4 or 5 or so good candidates. After that, I run the show. And I tell HR people what to screen on, based on the job I am hiring for.

I don't think you can tell the stars from the average performers except by examining work experience. University work is different than on the job, and some people excel at one while being average at the other.


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