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HOw speed up loading MANY form fields on 26 p. doc w/ DAO to open Access

By bobalston ·
I have a State goverment defined Word document with LOTS of form
fields, spanning 26 pages. Probably 1000 fields as a good guess. The
data is in an Access database in 12 different tables, each table
corresponding to one or m ore pages.

I have completed the load of data via DAO into the first page, about
50 fields. It seems rather slow.

I am already aware of the benefits of not
having the document visible when doing such updates and only make it
visible once the updates are complete.

My code tends to follow this format for assignments into the form

If inrec.Fields("1LocAccessHome") Then ActiveDocument.FormFields
("LocAccessHome").CheckBox.Value = True

ActiveDocument.FormFields("mentaltexta").Result = inrec.Fields

Everything seems to work it is just a lot of assignments and in tests
seems to take several seconds for this one page. Some of the later
pages are even more complex swith many more form fields.

I am planning to store the macro in the word document itself rather in
the Normal dot.
Any suggestions to speed up the processing?

Bob Alston

bobalston9 AT yahoo D O T com

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Why in Word?

by Maevinn In reply to HOw speed up loading MAN ...

Really, using Access to build the forms will be far faster and more efficient. Then output to Word if the report needs to go off system or be printed in a format you can't get Access to provide (although Access report layouts are pretty flexible).

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Produce an intermediate file

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to HOw speed up loading MAN ...

from access, do all the logic in there,
then merge it, should be a better way to go.

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