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How the IT answers in the TR should be?

By voldar ·
Hello everybody from the TR forum.

I have a question to ask, and I would be glad if you?d answer to it.

When I first stepped into this forum, I was really glad that finally, after a long ?trip in no-men land?, I found what I was looking for long time: a forum of real IT professionals, where questions about the IT problems in a way or another find their answer(s).
What I want to discuss now, is how the answers we give are contributing to the improvement of the others. I will talk for myself, because I met some situations when people ask for a question, but in fact they don?t know almost nothing about what they want, and from, lets say, 3 (i.e.) good answers, they choose the hardest one every time. And then, they come back with new questions, and so on ?
The question is, can we guide ?the-ones-who-ask?, and based on the answers we see for his question, give him some advice showing which or what to expect if choosing one or other solution? I talk here about the fact that ? do we have to take into consideration that maybe the person who ask questions has not much experience, and should be given more detailed instructions or just let him to choose?
I know, the IT nowadays is full of people who got certifications based on memorization, and cheat-shits, and with no hands-on labs at least (not speaking about real work experience), but ? I think that TR is the best forum I ever met. For myself, I like to help people, if I can, of course, and limited to my 4 years experience with Windows 2000, and with no more certifications than MCSA (210,215,216,218), which I obtained in December 2003 (last exam pass 216), but with a lot of practice in administering LANs and WANs (and you were the one that helped me a lot, not maybe by answering to my questions directly, not many of questions asked but mostly by your answers given to the others).
That?s it ? how the answers should be so that people learn something. Or should we don?t care about that?

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Excellent question Vlad !!

by Oz_Media In reply to How the IT answers in the ...

Well said and a very good question to say the very least!

Let me first start by clearing a couple of things.
I understand you don't speak English as your first language and your command of English is excellent. You are very well spoken yet I found a spellnig mistake that I must correct as you may use it in the wrong place and possibly offend someone.

You were referring to the people who use cheat sheets to help pass tests. The correct spelling is SHEETS, whereas you wrote SHITS. Now I don't know if this was intentional to refer to cheaters as shits but I think it was probably a spelling error.

SHITS are what you dog leaves on the neighbours lawn or what that first cup of coffee gives you in the morning. Technically it is a swear word other than it is so widely used nowdays, the TV tonight is the shits, my car runs shitty, I need to take a **** etc.
Please don't feel I am nitpicking on this, rather I am trying to save you possible embarrassment in the future (note, my spelling isn't much better and I am originally from England!) so I tip my hat to you for your ability to be multi-lingual.

THAT said, how should we answer questions.

Well Vlad, I think people will choose the amswwer they THINK sounds best or one that agrees with thier own thoughts. You can offer the same answer as 6 other people and get it rejected with someone else getting it accepted, it's just the 'luck of the draw' they say.

As for how much detail to offer, I TRY to be as informative as I can. Sometimes people will post and say they are new or have little knowledge, for these people I like to also addd some links to informatio for them to learn from if they are interested and explanations should be kept simple yet concise.

For those who say, here's my specs, this is happening, I've tried all this..., I will usually answer very breifly, these are the people who often think they know it all and wouldn't credit someone with a simple step they may have missed. I find the new people are usually the best at accepting answers and closing the question as they are happy to be helped. THose who know PC's will often leave it open and unanswered just because they refuse that it could be so simple and wait for a more challenging response to make themselves feel better.

In closing, congratulations on passing your certifications! Good for you, I hope you have a long and successful career in IT. Your comments toward TR are kind and I feel personally thanked as a TR participant. It's nice to know others appreciate help. I look forward to hearing more from you and feel free to ask ANY question without being ebarrassed at a simple answer, I sure as heck don't, I know nothing in comparisson to some of these guys.

It seems that we are always a geek or guru to those who don't know, but no matter how much we DO know, someone else is always a geek or guru in our eyes.

Take care,

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HA HA !!

by Oz_Media In reply to Excellent question Vlad ! ...

Like I said, my spelling isn't great, neither is my typing. I even typed "SPELLING MISTAKE" wrong!! SPELLNIG?


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A few "very sincere" suggestions for the future

by lvn In reply to HA HA !!

My intention concerning what I'm about to say is not meant to hurt any feelings but I've absolutely had it with the utter lack of correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, and general semantics that I've seen appear in so many of these entries. In just the one from OM alone, I counted no less that 20 mistakes in spelling, grammar, and punctuation, in addition to very awkward language--being from England is no excuse, if anything one might think it should be quite the opposite. I suspect that there might be a prevailing philosphy that one does not need to pay that much attention to the above aspects when communicating via e-mail but I don't agree. Whether you are writing a letter, a memo, an e-mail, or whatever, there is no justification for relaxed spelling, grammatical, etc. I realize that I must sound like a pedagogue, but I've always felt that the way you express yourself is a key element in how people judge you--whether right or wrong, it's a reality. So...what is my advice or solution? If you know you have deficiencies when expressing yourself in a written or spoken fashion, then do something about it. Find out how to fix what you are doing incorrectly and fix it. To reiterate an earlier not think that it is okay to be careless or sloppy when expressing yourself regardless of what the vehicle is that you are using to do so.

I hope this "venting" is taken in the spirit that it is offered...not mean, but helpful.

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by lvn In reply to A few "very sincere" sugg ...

Yes, it should be "relaxed spelling, grammar..." (not "grammatical", obviously)...but I caught it!

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So if we get the idea

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Oops...

What matters about spelling or grammar?

I think I even spelt everything correctly above now that is something different.

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How much is YOUR time worth?

by Oz_Media In reply to So if we get the idea

I am sure that some of you actually tried to study typing and keyboadr skills. I didn't.

In my industry, there is mostly handwritten proposals, reports and contracts. My handwriting is impeccable and many say beautiful to read. My vocabulary, although very limited in the garage, is well above the norm in person or when in a business situation. I have MANY years of sales, presentation and public speaking experience, MANY years, I have even taught Dale Carnegies Effective public speaking and human relations courses.

If put in a situation where I need to sell my ideas, I will beat my competitors or close the deal MOST of the time, THESE are areas where grammar is important.

When it comes to the keyboard, I have NO typing skills. I hen peck through the keyboard at lightning speed but cannot do so with proper fingering and without looking at the keyboard. in order to ensure correct posts I have to back up and reread the entire post, usually making little adjustments and rewording entire paragraphs, leaving some of them out of context with the next.

I agree my spellnig has MUCH to be desired IN THIS FORUM, but in reality I have an excellent command of the zEnglish language.

I don't know how much time YOU have each day to ensure your TR posts are accurate, but if I took an extra 5 minutes per post, I'd never gat any work done.

So as far as MY accuracy, someone who speaks English as a second language, or someone quickly responding and not taking time to proof read an online post, I'd just have to say DEAL WITH IT.

Some may have no problem quickly reading my screwed up post and deciphering what I'm trying to say or that words often get a space bar added before the last leter or simply missing the space (**** othere howare you?). If it is THAT hard to read, I'd say you have two choices.
1) Don't read it if it hurts your brain
2) Learn grammar yourself so it isn't so hard to determine my intent.

With that aside, I can only say that I'm not offended but I am shocked that you are unable to read the same post everyone else does.

This isn't a spelling bee and grammar should not be important. If spelling and grammar are THAT important, how did poets become famous?

There you go, just pretend it is poetry.


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by R3D In reply to A few "very sincere" sugg ...

"I counted no less that 20 mistakes in spelling"

did you mean to say "than"?



I got your meaning though...

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You're absolutely correct!

by lvn In reply to hmmm

Yes...I did mean to say "than"--thanks for pointing it out to me. I don't take offense to being corrected when I've made a mistake.

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don't take offense to being corrected when I've made a mistake.

by Oz_Media In reply to You're absolutely correct ...

"I don't take offense to being corrected when I've made a mistake."

Nobody does, are you trying to wave your righteous flag today?

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Oz ..

by voldar In reply to Excellent question Vlad ! ...

Although I know the difference between sheet and **** .. I think my hand wrote down what I thought and not what I wanted to > cheat-sheet :)) And a big THANK YOU for all.

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