How the robotics programming is done ?

By vivekmit.2006 ·
hi ,
i want to know how the robotics programming is done through c .
What hardware is required and all these things

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Request for Clarification

by oldbaritone In reply to Clarifications

"What hardware is required and all these things" covers a lot. Is there something specific you're trying to do?

There are many embedded-C systems available for robotics. Many different processors and architectures are supported. Price is anything from "free" - "up". Small controllers may run on a single PIC chip, up to multiprocessor, multisystem control schemes.

Typically, you'll probably want an emulator, so you can control the robot during development from a system with more elaborate monitor and trace capabilities. But you haven't even defined whether this is a stand-alone self-powered robot, or something that will be connected to commercial power consisting of several heavy cabinets of equipment.

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Here I would suggest

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How the robotics programm ...

Reading a C Programing Book.

The program competition all depends on what it is you want to control so the case of a piece of code to run a Industrial Robot that does Spot Welds would be radically different for a High End AI that learns by it's mistakes.


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Reponse To Answer

by robo_dev In reply to Here I would suggest

As obviously a self-aware welding robot run amok would be a baaaaad thing..... :)

To the OP, check out two things:

Basic Stamp

Arduino in general, and Arduino Robotics, specifically

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That's a huge topic

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to How the robotics programm ...

What language you choose to program in is a trivial consideration.
Do you know anything about robotics?
It's electronics, at least digital, perhaps analogue, mechanics, programming, a scary amount of math, and then could go up to neural nets, genetic algorithims, fuzzy logic, AI...

Geek heaven basically, if you are right at the start as I would be be if I had the time to really look at it, your best bet is a kit, plenty about.
Buy one, and happy learning
Wish I had the time myself.

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