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By rilisgomez ·
I have a PC with a PII running W2K. I would like to know if any body has had problems reformating the C drive (I have been unable to do so). Can any body help me or let me know what I need to do to reformat the drive from #$%^&.

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by TheChas In reply to How to...

On a W2K system, the hard drive was likely formatted as a NTFS volume.

DOS boot floppies cannot read or access a NTFS volume.

Here is what I do to create a clean hard drive for W2K or XP:

Backup any and all personal data and system settings.
It is a good idea to generate a hardware profile and verify that you can download drivers for all hardware.

Then, boot from a W98 startup floppy.

At the DOS prompt, run fdisk
Delete the non-DOS partition.
Exit fdisk.

If you plan to install W2K or XP, shut down and boot from the CD or proper startup disk set.

For going back to W98 or Me, boot from the startup floppy again, run fdisk, and partition the hard drive as desired.

Exit fdisk and reboot.
Format at least the C: drive using the "S" switch
format c: /s
to copy the system files to the C: drive making it a bootable volume.

Then, insert the CD and install Windows.


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