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    How to Access 2003


    by ewayce ·

    I have a very basic Report I want to create based on user input. Records are categorized as either “New”,”Used” or “Consignment”. The report should only print a record if it’s equal to one of the three categories. How do I set something like this up?


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      by sgt_shultz ·

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      easy. maybe a filter or print macro that uses value of an option group. use the northwind sample database with it’s help file to see exactly how. you can download the database from microsoft if you can’t find in the office/tools folder on cd2 of your office installation. you really need to also locate the help file or you will be banging head big time

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        by sgt_shultz ·

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        yes, you could set up query based on parameter. parameter would be new used or consignment. user would get prompted for category and report would come up. very easy, look up parameter query in help. not very robust, no provision for using making typo. my earlier idea would have been appropriate for preswenting user with form that picked records based on selection from say option group (group of radio buttons, user picks one).

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      by johndjauch ·

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      I would create a Query that contains all the fields you want in the report. In the field name that would display NEW/USED/CONSIGNMENT, type in “New” in the first Criteria spot, underneath that spot type in “Used”, under that spot type “Consignment”. If you run the query, it should only list those entries with one of those three criteria. Save the query and use it as your Record Source in the Access report. This is based on the assumption that you are not using checkboxes or radio buttons when the end user is choosing NEW\USED\CONSIGNMENT.

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