How to access a PC that records my CCTV from other PC's in the office.

By steven0372 ·
I have a computer (win XP pro) that records my CCTV cameras, but I want to be able to basically have remote desktop like access to the computer that the cameras are connected to from several computers (XP pro and win 7) around my office, so that employee(s) can monitor the cameras during lunch, or if working after hours. Any suggestions are appropriated.

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hire a CCTV consulant?

by CG IT In reply to How to access a PC that r ...

just a thought....

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Check with the vendor...

by Rob Kuhn In reply to How to access a PC that r ...

Check with the vendor to see if the media can either be streamed or viewed via a web browser. In other words if you setup the personal web server that comes with XP (it may need to be installed) can you view the content via a web browser or through a client app.

At my last company the computer that was recording the video was replaced with a DVR unit which also had a web server built in - this was how you configured, reviewed videos, and monitored the cameras. It also came with an app which basically did the same thing as the web interface.

We moved off the computer to a DVR because we added more cameras which required an additional capture board for the PC. The DVR was slighty higher in price than the board but it offered better expandablilty and took up less space. But the PC did allow for web browser access to at least view the cameras. It was a Java app and did a fairly decent job.

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