How to Access Shared Folder in Windows 2003 R2 from Windows 98 OS?

By maxxieq ·
i have setup a network between Windows 2003 R2 File Server and Windows 98, i shared a folder from windows 2003 R2 however, when i tried to access the shared folder it's asking for network Password. i planned to use windows xp pro but there are hardware compatible with windows 98 only. can anyone help me how to access this folder?? tips and techniques are very much appreciated.. the netbios is working fine. i can view all workgroup computers. Many Thanks..

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try this

by markp24 In reply to How to Access Shared Fold ...

When connecting you have to use the domain or a local account that has permission to access that share.
from a command prompt in windows 98 you can use the NET command to do this
net use X: \\servername\sharename /user:domain\username /password:password
replace domain with the workgroup or domain name of the windows server and the username with a username in the domain or local account on the server
replace the password with that accounts password.

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