How to access ubuntu 8 samba shares from os x

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I have recently setup a linux machine using Ubuntu 8 server to use as a LAMP server for developing in-house as well as somewhere to backup to.

I have set up samba service and everything works fine, i have created user accounts with usernames and passwords that match those on the xp machines so they can access the various shares just fine, the problem comes when accessing it from os x.

my os x machine is what i code on and design on but it can't access the SMB shares on the linux machine. When i hit connect i can see the list of shares but no matter what username/password combo i use from root to a standard user it dosn't allow me to connect.

I either get authentication failed invalid name / password or i get a message about not being able to connect as the alias is no longer available.

Any help would be appreciated as i've set this up to save me keep ftp'ing to my live server and the only way i can transfer files at the minute is to use my xp machine to copy from os x to the xp machine then from xp machine to linux which is massive hassle.


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Use Samba to give it access..

This post is for those of you who are looking to connect an OS X box to your Ubuntu box set up as a file server or just share files between the two. I figured I would share my success story because there is bound to be someone else out there that would like this information. This process is rather easy and takes just a little time to get up and going. It took me about 20-25 minutes to complete.

First, make sure you have samba installed on your Ubuntu system. Then, locate a directory you would like to be the share point for the OS X box to access.
1. Right-click the directory
2. Click on "Share folder"
3. Enter your password
4. Select "SMB" (if not already) in the drop-down list box labeled, "Share with:"
5. Give a name in the text box labeled, "Name:"
6. Add comments about this share point (optional)
7. Click on the check box labeled, "Read only" if you want this folder to be read only to those who may access the folder. Otherwise, leave it unchecked so that users may write files to the directory for sharing.
8. Click on the check box labeled, "Allow browsing folder" so that the users may look inside (unless you do not want them to)
9. Click OK

Note that in the file sharing dialog above there was a button labeled something like, "Windows sharing information." Explore these options to share files with Windows boxes.

Now, we move along to the OS X box.

First, we will set up file sharing and then we will connect to Ubuntu.
1. Go to the System Preferences (usually, Apple->System Preferences...)
2. Click on the Sharing folder in the Internet & Network section
3. Check the box next to Personal File Sharing and Personal File Sharing will turn on. This may take a few seconds.
4. Go back to the main System Preferences screen (usually by clicking on the "Show All" button in the upper left corner of the window.)
5. Click on the Network icon (it should be close to the Sharing Folder)
6. Make sure "Network Status" is selected in the drop-down list box next to "Show:" at the top of the window.
7. Verify that you are connected to the same network as the Ubuntu box and have a valid IP address (usually indicated by a green light to the left of the adapter)
8. Close out of System Preferences

Now, go to the desktop and we are ready to connect to Ubuntu.

1. Click on the "Go" menu in the menu bar (if it doesn't appear, click on the desktop in empty space and it should appear.)
2. Click on "Connect to Server..."
3. In the "Server Address:" text box, type the connection string in this format: "smb://<Ubuntu box hostname>/<path to share directory>" (without quotes)****
**** <Ubuntu box hostname> should be the host name for your Ubuntu box (UBUNTU by default) and <path to share directory> should be the path to the share directory on the Ubuntu box as you would navigate to it from the root or "/" directory.

Example Server Address: smb://UBUNTU/home/sharefolder

Once you have the proper server address typed in, you can click the button with the "+" symbol on it to save the address for later use. Then, you are ready to connect. Click on the button labeled, "Connect" and OS X will attempt the connection. If everything is configured properly, you should get a window asking for "SMB/CIFS Filesystem Authentication." If you require network users to access the Ubuntu box, this is where you type in the username and password. I do not require this, since I am the only one accessing the file server. If you do not require username and password, make both of those text boxes blank. Then, click OK and OS X will mount the network volume.

Now, you can share files between your Ubuntu box and your OS X box.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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