How to Activate XP ?

By JMH3 ·
Hi Folks,
I have a bit of a dilemma that I am hoping someone can help me with.
About 18 months ago we bought a Toshiba laptop from Wal-Mart with the XP Home pre-installed. Of course it didnt come with an XP Home cd, just the key code on the bottom.
Evidently a virus got in the system awhile back and caused some physical damage to the hard drive. I had no XP cd so my brother lent me his XP Pro that he got from the college he attends and I reformatted and installed it.
The problem is it would only be about a week before it crashed again due to the HD problem, bad blocks,etc. So I would reformat and install again, doing this several times until the replacement HD came in and I changed it out.
After the HD replacement it wont let me validate it again saying its been done too many times and I need to call M$ and get a new key code.
What to do? How do I explain this to whoever I get on the other end at M$?
Thanks for the help! John

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You would be legally

by ctrservices In reply to How to Activate XP ?

safer to just order the new setup disks from Toshiba. You are not licensed with the pc to have XP Pro (which is probably the student version). With the new discs, completely reformat and reinstall the OS. Should run like it did in the beginning if there are no hardware problems.

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How to Activate XP

by sarthur In reply to How to Activate XP ?

hi there i had a similar problem i called and explained and they were helpful so you can call them they did activate my copy once they had verified that i had only the one copy and it was still on the original computer

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Found A Solution

by JMH3 In reply to How to Activate XP ?

Well I just got off the phone with Toshiba, they only charge $39.95 for a new recovery disc so its the way to go I guess.
And with my luck the original we got when we bought the comp will show up the day after I get the new one,lol!
Thanks for the replies and the help!

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