How to active a hard drive

By Serednesky.2 ·
So I got another hard drive installed on my computer by a third party. They installed windows (which was one of the problems with my old drive) so that my computer would run properly. I took the computer home and when i booted it up it asked if I still wanted the secondary drive to run. It also gave a warning that if I selected it to run then it might interfere with windows on my new drive. So i selected No and know I can't access anything on my old hard drive. I've looked in Bios but can't find any way to turn my old drive on as a secondary drive (non-boot up). I've also looked in the hardware manager and don't see any disabled drives. Ideas?

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Computer management screen

by bart777 In reply to How to active a hard driv ...

Go to the computer management screen (Right click on My Coputer and select manage) then go to the disk manager.

You should see the second drive there. Right click on it and activate the drive.

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by Serednesky.2 In reply to Computer management scree ...

I don't see it there. I only have the new drive and the recovery.

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by bart777 In reply to Yeah

If you don't see it there I would open the case and try these steps.
1) disconnect the second drive.
2) reboot the PC and log in normally.
3) shutdown the PC.
4) Reconnect the second drive
5) let it activate the drive on reboot when it prompts you.

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First thing is look at the POST Screen

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How to active a hard driv ...

And see if the Drive is picked up there. If not open BIOS and look at the installed HDD's there.

As you didn't setup this unit almost anything is possible but I would imagine that some software has been used to to stop Windows seeing the original HDD so you may have to remove it from the system and fit it to a USB Caddy to recover your data if the original Drive was not cloned to the new HDD that has been fitted.

As for what is required to get the drive working in this system you should call the company who fitted the new drive and ask them for a solution as they know what they did to the computer.


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