How to add a route for VPN traffic?

By andrewkonosky ·
Our sales agents must access a 3rd party website on the net that we use to process credit card orders. The website is IP restricted for security, so users in the office are fine because our static IP is on the site's approved list.

Remote users are unable to access the order processing site unless they connect to our VPN and check "Use default gateway on remote network" in the advanced VPN settings.

This passes all their internet traffic through us and allows them to get to the ordering site, but it's really slow.

If I disable "Use default gateway on remote network," to speed up the VPN, can I add a route for the ordering website so that just traffic to that site passes through the VPN gateway?

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Here's a suggestion

by CG IT In reply to How to add a route for VP ...

Where are you going to add a route that would apply to VPN clients that connect to your network which in turn uses your network to access a web site who's security limited connections to only approved address of which one is your public IP address?

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Standard OS

by In reply to How to add a route for VP ...

I think this would depend on the device make/model. I know on some of the more advanced UTM devices you could configure a route to do what you need -- however, some times the remote site type devices are purchased with limited firmware. Example, if this is a SonicWALL firewall using the standard OS, I think that functionality might be limited.

Can you safely provide more information about the device?

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