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How to add .exe file to windows firewall

By wil henriquez ·
The limit of 40 characters did not allowed me to state my question in a better way.

I would like to know what is the best scripting way to populate the windows firewall exceptions with executable files.

Is there a best type of script more suitable for this task, i.e. WSH, Kixstart

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to How to add .exe file to w ...
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by wil henriquez In reply to How to add .exe file to w ...

Thanks, Hal.

I have about 100 files that I would like to add to the exceptions list and I would like to automate the task. Any suggestions?

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by larryhyman In reply to How to add .exe file to w ...

here is a sample script from microsoft more info can be found at this URL

and this one:

here is the script:

option explicit

Dim CurrentProfile

' Protocol


' Create the FwPolicy2 object.
Dim fwPolicy2
Set fwPolicy2 = CreateObject("HNetCfg.FwPolicy2")

' Get the Rules object
Dim RulesObject
Set RulesObject = fwPolicy2.Rules

CurrentProfile = fwPolicy2.CurrentProfileTypes

'Create a Rule Object.
Dim NewRule
Set NewRule = CreateObject("HNetCfg.FWRule")

NewRule.Name = "My Application Name"
NewRule.Description = "Allow my application network traffic"
NewRule.Applicationname = "%systemDrive%\\Program Files\\MyApplication.exe"
NewRule.LocalPorts = 4000
NewRule.Enabled = TRUE
NewRule.Grouping = "@firewallapi.dll,-23255"
NewRule.Profiles = CurrentProfile

'Add a new rule
RulesObject.Add NewRule

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by wil henriquez In reply to How to add .exe file to w ...

Faradhi,thanks for your help.
I think your link points exactly to what I'm looking for.

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