How to add hd from dead laptop to new laptop as 2nd hd?

By RicklesRoc ·
Is it possible to remove a laptop hd on a dead laptop running XP pro and install it on a new laptop (if there is an available slot) running Vista Home Prem as a 2nd hd? I'd like to be able to use MS Office and other s/w on dead laptop on the new laptop w/out paying for the apps all over again? If the 2nd hd is set as a slave, will it be possible to boot the apps on it?


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RE: Is it possible to remove a laptop hd on a dead laptop running XP

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How to add hd from dead l ...

Answer Yes and no.

While you can fit the Old HDD to the new NB and use that drive as a Slave Drive if the new NB supports that option you can not run the existing software on the drive as the full Install Files are no longer present to use under Vista.

When you install software to any Windows System it copies various files to different directories other than the Programs Folder. Many applications need to copy Shared Files into the Windows Folder and make Registry Changes. This is why a reboot is required after the software is installed before it can be used.

If you attempt to run software from an old HDD under a different OS it is very unlikely to work. As you are not booting from the Old Drive it is unable to run that OS and use the installed Programs.

There is also the small matter of Licensing of the old software. In the event of M$ Office unless you have a Retail Version of it according to the Licensing Agreement that you agreed to when you first opened the application it is tied tot he Original Hardware that it was installed to and is not transferable to other hardware.

While it may be possible to Dual Boot from both Drives that would require you to perform a Repair Install of the XP OS which most likely is covered by the same restrictions. And if you do not have a M$ Branded Install Disc of XP as apposed to a system Makers Recovery Disc it is not possible to do a Repair Install anyway.

Also if you Pirate the software like this and get caught you can expect to end up paying a Fine to M$ of at least $250,000.00 for a first offense and substantially more if it is not the first time that M$ catch you stealing their Software.

If you have Retail Versions of the Software you are quite within your rights to install it onto a second system without violating the Software License Agreement.


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External Adapter

by TheChas In reply to How to add hd from dead l ...

The best option for your old hard drive is to mount it into an external USB drive case.

You will be able to get your files from it. I would then format it and use it as a backup or storage drive.

As to your installed software, if you have the CDs and the license keys, you can just install it on your new computer and all will be good.

As Oh Smeg has stated, if this was OEM versions of the software and was on the first laptop when you bought it, then you usually cannot transfer the license and use it on a different computer.


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Suggested solutions

by RicklesRoc In reply to External Adapter

Thanks OH smeg and The Chas for your replies. After reading your solutions, we dug around and did find the Office cd's and keys, so we can install it on the new laptop. We'll try to get the old data files via the external USB drive suggestion.

Happy Holidays! Cheers

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Your Welcome EOM

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Suggested solutions

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