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    How to add in yourself as local admin


    by syedali1975 ·

    I had given two laptops from my office one was bit old and slow, so I complaint about it, so they gave me new one fat, because I used to run lots of applications at the same time.
    But recently I left the job and returned the new laptop to them, and when I asked my manager he asked me to keep the old one because they don’t need it.
    Any way I was not using the old one because I have one at home and two from office. But recently when I use the old laptop I found out that they didn’t add me to the local admin group on the old one but I was local admin on the new one. This happened because to add ourself as local admin we need to create modify user request and all those procedures which I did with my new laptop they given me and I forget that with my old laptop.
    Now I cant add or remove or install any thing on my old laptop.
    Can some one tells me how to add yourself as local admin. When ever I try to access user account I am getting error and pop up message asking me to login as Admin. Also when I try to add my user id in Admin I am getting the error that I am not Local Admin of the machine.
    I created one account which is not a part of Domain but still I cant add that account in Admin group.

    Any help would be appreciated else I need to format the machine completely.

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      by syedali1975 ·

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      Mmm – how did you figure out it was “[i]bit old and slow[/i]” if …

      by older mycroft ·

      In reply to How to add in yourself as local admin

      You couldn’t login as Admin ?

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        You didnt get me correctly

        by syedali1975 ·

        In reply to Mmm – how did you figure out it was “[i]bit old and slow[/i]” if …

        Well, thanks very much for your reply, but it seems that you didnt get me corretly.
        I can login to any given machine in my office as long as I am in the network domain, but I cant use the every machine I logged in with all the rights unless my ID adds in the Admin group of that particular machine and unless I am local admin of machine having said that, the problem we usually face if we are not local admin on any machine is we cant load any software not even we can download simple ultra edit because it will give in error and ask you to login as admin.
        In my company they give you laptop or desk top then you have to create a ticket and assign it to respective groups in order to get all the required application and softwares you need its not a small company that sys admin or desktop support person sits besides you and he will download all the applications and softwares and work exclusive for you there is procedure which some time takes 1-2 weeks to get all the required application to download on your machine and not to forget for each ticket you have to get your manger approval.
        How I find out the machine is slow, when I logged in and try to open few applications which were already loaded there were taking forever to open.

        As far the person who said my story is 100% authentic or so and so, so please if you think I am tying to come up with stories here then you better off, because I am not having time to do that.

        The situation is very simple I got the laptop but I haven’t used in all the time when I was in office because I got the other laptop, after I left the office and my manger asked me not to return the laptop that’s how I got the laptop.
        Now here is the situation that I cant go and ask some desktop support or sysadmin to make me local admin of the desktop because my ID and name might have already taken off from Active Directory.
        I can login into the system but I cant able to add myself in Admin group. I all I wanted to know is there is a way to add myself in the Admin group or make myself local admin of the machine out of Network domain?

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          You still could

          by ic-it ·

          In reply to You didnt get me correctly

          Active Directory has nothing to do with your being added as an administrator locally.
          Go ask them. No help here.

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          Ask Whom?

          by syedali1975 ·

          In reply to You still could

          I believe you still didn’t get me, I cant go back and ask them.
          What I meant for active directory was, even let assume, because we can only assume practically you don’t go back to former company which you left because you don’t have access card or even if you get in you don’t know where desktop support might be.
          I know our desktop support may be in Boise or Tampa who knows may be in India after off shoring pretty much everything.
          So come to the point even if I get back to desktop support and give them my user id and Laptop number, they will ask me to create a ticket first and for that I need my manager approval, tell me you will provide me manager approval???
          Also when we have been remove from Active directory we cant able to create ticket??
          I am sorry to say but it seems that you don’t know much about how big corporate financial companies works.

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          Sure I do

          by ic-it ·

          In reply to Ask Whom?

          in your case highly ineffeciently.
          If you can’t use your brain to contact one of them, then follow The Scummy One’s advice.

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      There is only one little problem

      by ic-it ·

      In reply to How to add in yourself as local admin

      Your story may be 100% accurate, but we have no way to verify it. Therefore there is no way that we would assist in this issue.

      The best resolution would be to contact one of the former admins.

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      There may be serious issues

      by the scummy one ·

      In reply to How to add in yourself as local admin

      that your manager did not think of, if you are telling the truth.

      The SW on the HDD may be licensed to the company. So, either take it back to the companies tech support, OR wipe the drive and purchase a new OS for it. That shouldnt be too bad since you have received the HW for free. And, if you dont want to spend any money, you can install Linux from a download.

      Aside from that, we cannot help because we cannot verify the legality of your situation.

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        by syedali1975 ·

        In reply to There may be serious issues

        Thanks for the reply, actually before posting the question I was thinking of that option wiping/formatting the system and install new OS once again.
        But I opt to post the question in order to get some viable options before going to wipe out entire OS.
        I don’t know why you guys are trying to get into whether its legit or not, because I assume if someone really into illegal or phony things he wouldn’t post questions here, he already have things in place to take care of things like this.

        It is perfectly legal the only issue I have is I cant get back to the Manager or company desk top support to make me local admin on the system because my company policies are very tedious and some one who are already left the office and ID is not even in Active Directory then why some one would help me out in the first place.

        Also I know that any one can track the system by MacId. I am a professional why would I do something like this just for $700 bucks Laptop when I myself have Sony Vaio, its just that I want to give it to my wife and install few software which presently I cant able to do.

        If you guys don’t really have any viable solution then I will go later option.

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          not always.

          by the scummy one ·

          In reply to Options

          often a notebook thief will sell a notebook without ever booting it up, so we receive lots of ‘how to crack BIOS passwords and how to crack Win passwords.
          The community has debated how to answer these questions multiples of times, and we always agree that cracking questions should be dealt with by a cracker site.
          Since TR is not a ‘cracker’ site, we do not help beyond any legal recourse since we cannot verify your intentions.

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          Thats True

          by syedali1975 ·

          In reply to not always.

          Well Scummy thanks for your reply I agree with your reply and I am sure you sounds very professional as well, unlike others who don?t seems to know how to deal or reply in nice way, GOD know how they are surviving with their attitude in corporate world may be plain luck.

          I agree with you that there are ethics which we all need to honor and follow this is going beyond ethical boundary so I must close this here and I will deal in my way.

          My only intention to post that question to get work around not to crack BOIS password or something I know it very well how to crack any password actually know heck of Hackers website who can do it, my intention was to just get a professional advice and if possible some work around and you give me valuable advice.

          Thank you.

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