How to add small icons ON the bottom left of the folder in Explorer -winxp?

By sblast ·
Hello all,
I have recently installed dropbox and one thing I love about this is the "uploading" and "up to date" small icons appearing at the bottom left of the folder, to show its status. How can I do this myself for other directories and/or files?

I can't find a screenshot right now but if you need it to understand what I am talking about I can give it a try.

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You can't - I think you're missing the point of Dropbox ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to How to add small icons ON ...

Never having heard of Dropbox before, I've just watched the screencast and it seems pretty obvious to me that the only way you'll get the fancy icons on the bottom of the folders, is to INCLUDE those same folders within dropbox.

All it is, is an experimental BETA eye-candy version of M$ SyncToys.

While SyncToys is system-wide in its scope, Dropbox only works with folders and files that have been placed WITHIN Dropbox.

Therefore if you have other folders that you want to sync with other computers, just put those folders inside Dropbox.

You can't expect the 'Updating' and the 'Up To Date' icons to work properly if they are not being controlled by the program that they are an inherent part of.

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Just want the icon functionality

by sblast In reply to You can't - I think you'r ...

Hey, I think you missed the point of my post :)

I would like to use this icon functionality for other items, for example create a small script or application that I can mark certain directories as "Reviewed" or "Pending" with the help of these icons.
I am just mentioning dropbox because that is where I first saw it.

EDIT: Ok showed this to a friend and told me tortoisesvn is doing this too. Example:

I will check their code.

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by sblast In reply to How to add small icons ON ...

So it seems they are called Overlay Icons. Searching for that found this useful article.

If I go into registry upon installing dropbox I can see the overlay icons there!

Another example with python

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