how to add users within the same workgroup.

By lisun88 ·
hi all,

i have a drive that was shared between my personnels.and i would like to set permissions to the folders inside the drive.

Eg: for the folder ABC, i do not want kelly and agnes to access it.

all users are under the same workgroup.

however i have problem adding the users in the folder security permissions.

even i tried adding the users into the folder security permissions, i have no idea how to fulfil the permission on the user side.

also,the users are not allowed to edit the permissions.only the admin hass the right and ive no idea how to do it.

could you guys pls help?


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Add the user accounts on that machine,.....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to how to add users within t ...

You need to add each of the user accounts to that computer first, using their Windows login credentials from their own machines. Then in the folder permissions, give permission to just those you want to have access to the folder.

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8users meant 8user account at my machine?

by lisun88 In reply to Add the user accounts on ...

so you meant if i have 8users accessing the shard drive, i need to set up 8 user accounts at my side?

and; how do i make sure the other side of the user can see what permissions ive applied?

fyi,they are all within the same workgroup.

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yes.... and more...

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to 8users meant 8user accoun ...

Yes, if you have 8 users accessing the shared drive, you need to set up each of them as users on that machine. But ONLY if you want to control who has access to individual folders.

They'll each see the shared drive along with all of the folders on that drive. When they try to look into one of the folders, either they have permission to get in and it will work, or they don't have permission and they'll get an error message.


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by lisun88 In reply to yes.... and more...

all 8 users are station with their own individual computers.

it actually reflect on each individual computer?

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by ThumbsUp2 In reply to but.

That is how sharing works in a workgroup environment. If you share something, everybody can see it in Network Places. However, actually accessing a folder inside of that share can be controlled with your permissions.

So, let's say you share a top level folder on this machine and maybe called that share MADHOUSE. Everybody can see MADHOUSE and access it. Inside MADHOUSE, you create folders for each job, calling them JOB1, JOB2, JOB3, etc... Everybody can see the JOB# folders inside of MADHOUSE. You set permissions on JOB1 so that only Tom, **** and Harry can access it. Sue and Sherry can see the JOB1 folder from their computer, but can't access it. Likewise, Sue and Sherry have access to Job2 because you gave them permission, but not TOM, **** and Harry. The 'boys' can see Job2 folder from their computer, but they can't access it because they don't have permission.

Does that make sense?


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by lisun88 In reply to Yes...

yesh,thts wad i want.

but tom,****,henry,sue,sherry all are in different workstations:each have one individual computer.

can you tell me the steps? all are in windows xp pro.

or are there any website i can refer to?

thanks so much.

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YOur computer does not know who the other computers are!!!!!

by 1bn0 In reply to eh.

Thats what busineses use Windows Server for. To identify the users on the network and control the access permsissions of those users. When a computer is joined to the Windows Network (DOMAIN) they are being told to let the server be the boss overwho is allowed to do what.

You do not have a server. So you haveto tell your computer who the different users are that will be accessing your computer. You do that by creating user accounts for each of them, ON YOUR COMPUTER. THis becomes the list of recognised users for your computer to reference when granting access.

When the other users access your computer they are proptedto provide theri username and password. This is the username and password you add ON YOUR COMPUTER.

The simplest configuration is to make the username and password for the accounts on your computer the same as the username and password that each user is using ON THEIR OWN COMPUTER.

If they are the same the access bvecomes transparent.

When they access the share , your computer promtps "Who are you?" (What is your Username and Password) The other computer responds with the information and YOUR computer checks it against the information stored in the user accounts ON YOUR MACHINE.

If they match access is granted. The type if access is then controlled throguh the security permissions.

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The Steps....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to eh.

(1) Go to the machine where the share exists and log in as the Administrator (or an account with administrative privileges).

(2) Go to control panel -> users. Add each user which you want to have access to your shared drive using their OWN Windows login information (that which they log into their own computer with). Also, be sure to set them up as Limited User, not as an administrator.

(3) Look at the share and make sure the top level folder of that share is set to a full share (allow users to change files) so everyone else can see/access it.

(4) Go to the properties of each folder UNDER the share (these are the folders which you want to restrict access) and set permissions so that JUST the people you want to have access are listed, limiting the rest (everyone) so they can not peek into the folder.

(5) Test... go to one of the other people's machines and ask them to check and see if they can get into their own folder on that share, but not get into a folder which you don't want them to get into.

If you need more detail than that, you have no business being the administrator of a workgroup. Turn it over to someone who knows what they're doing.

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