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How to alleviate network congestion on LANs and WANs

By darlenesage ·
I know that I can use switches to segment my LAN which will help with network congestion but I think there are also different processes that can be used to help with this problem too. If anyone knows what are the best ways to deal with network congestion please let me know so that I can research them. I have come across circuit switching and packet switching among other topics such as adding more bandwidth, Packateer and Sios but I know there are more out there that I am not finding. If anyone has any ideas please let me know. I am looking for processes and strategies that will help with both LAN and WAN congestion. I also need to know if any of these are different that circuit switching and packet switching technologies. Thanks for the help.

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Post as a Question.

by seanferd In reply to How to alleviate network ...

You might want to say something about your network so that relevant suggestions might be offered. As to things like Paceteer - managing bandwidth you don't have won't help. Better to find out where the congestion lies if it isn't affecting the entire network. Best to check server load as well - all the bandwidth in the world won't help if your servers are working at max capacity.

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Need more details

by Muhannad.Ali In reply to How to alleviate network ...

What kind of congestions do you experience ?? are there any collisions in your network?? or is it a lack of bandwidth ?? are there any groups you wanna priorities... more details my friend more details need to be posted... your design template... the intermediary devices that is being used in the network ... the implemented configurations... the types of services that you are running in your network...

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A little background

by ruthf68 In reply to How to alleviate network ...

I'm pretty sure I know what Darlene is asking for. It's not about what congestion she has in particular, but more an idea of what she should look for when (not if) she experiences congestion. What types of situations cause congestion in LANs, and what types in WANs. Is there a specific set of possible solutions for each of these scenarios? I think she (and I) need to create some type of reference material so that when congestion occurs, we have an idea what type of congestion is occurring and possible solutions we can potentially implement to resolve or at least reduce the congestion.

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