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How to apply Microsoft hotfix on server down

By hgrossman ·
Automatic updates were made to my 2003 Standard server last night which now has the server in a regular bsod, reboot cycle. I stopped the reboot,
checked the bsod and, sure enough, there is a kb article and a hofix. I downloaded the hotfix and burned to a cd.

My question is how do you install the hotfix onto the server? I can boot up in recovery console and get to a command prompt. Then what?

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Boot into safe mode

by faradhi In reply to How to apply Microsoft ho ...

You will then need to follow these directions to enable the windows installer in Safe mode.

Once you do that you should be able to install the hotfix in Safe Mode.

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Wouldn't boot into Safe Mode either

by hgrossman In reply to Boot into safe mode

First, thanks for the reply. The problem was with storport.sys which got updated in a MS update and then clobbered the server. It is a documented problem in the MS knowledgebase with a hotfix provided. Problem is storport.sys is loaded in Safe Mode as well so the problem was persistent. What I ended up doing was boot of Windows Server 2003 CD and go into Recovery Console. I copied the original storport.sys file off of the CD replacing the new one that the MS update pushed out. restarted server and everything is working.

While this worked, it still doesn't answer if there is a way to install a hotfix on a server that won't start at all.

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Oh yeah, next time you might consider

by faradhi In reply to How to apply Microsoft ho ...

using the ask a question rather than starting a discussion.

And when you do ask a question be sure to give a thumbs up if you find the answer helpful.


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That and

by The 'G-Man.' In reply to Oh yeah, next time you mi ...

no auto updates on a SERVER.

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Good point...

by faradhi In reply to That and

I meant to state that in the original post.

Thanks G-Man

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