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    how to arrange your deparmental resouces – need advice?


    by tommy.poung ·

    hi :

    I am working in an system infrasture support department in a big local bank in my area. My department has 8 staffs. Beside my boss, each of us is reponsible for support or any system change for one application product. Base on this arrangment, there is protential risk as no one will be able to support the system if that person who support the system has left the bank. I have been rasied my concern to my boss during some casual conversation and he also noticed the problem but he cannot solve in short term due to limited resources. I have tot of 2 person to handle 2 systems concurrently but he said it was difficult to achieve. I am sure many IT management may face such problem before and what suggestion will you suggest to elimiate such risk. tks alot

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      Cross training

      by jamesrl ·

      In reply to how to arrange your deparmental resouces – need advice?

      I have similar issues. The answer is to have each person document the basic tasks and what to do in an emergency, and then walk at least one other staff member through it. Hopefully there will be some level of hands on “practise”.

      Personally, I have backed up some of my staff when they were away for basic tasks, and to bring back a downed server, but the manager usually isnt the right choice. In a perfect world, systems will keep on humming regardless of who is sick or on vacation. In reality, it takes planning and discipline to make that happen.


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