How to assign a specific PC a static IP on a network

We have Windstream DSL in a small office. We have two static IP addresses from them, and I need to assign it to a specific Windows XP computer on my network.

How would I go about doing this? The intent is to have a company in Texas access it via Remote Desktop Connection.

DSL Modem > Apple Time Capsule Router > Linksys Switch > Windows XP Computer.

Note that all the other computers are also plugged into the Linksys switch. But I need the one computer to be assigned it's own IP address.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Port fowarding

by LarryD4 In reply to How to assign a specific ...

Does it really need to be a public IP on the internet??

If its just Remote Desktop you should be able to setup port fowarding on your router to get them to the PC in question.

RDP port is 3389

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Tried that..

by TECHASAURUS In reply to Port fowarding

I tried port forwarding with the Apple Time Capsule. The company was able to ping the static IP address, but not gain access to the machine.


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by ---TK--- In reply to Tried that..

Don't take this the wrong way.... but did you set up the XP box to allow Remote Desktop connections? and open up the firewall?

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by TECHASAURUS In reply to Question....

Yes, this machine was sent to us with the proper Remote Desktop configuration.

Firewall is enabled, BUT with an exception to Remote Desktop.

It is properly setup on the box.

My wife remote's in to her company everyday in Redmond, WA, so we know what we are doing. For some reason the company in Texas just cannot get in :-(.

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What Address

by StealthWiFi In reply to Tried that..

What address did they ping?

If they ping the public address then try and connect to the internal that won't work. If you have port forwarding setup correctly they can type in the public address into Remote Desktop Connection and the router will automaticly get the packets to the IP you have internally setup port FW for.

Why do you need RDP why not another program like CrossLoop where you need no port forwrding or opening a PC with it's own external static address?


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Ahh I see...

by TECHASAURUS In reply to What Address

So setup Apple Time Capsule with port forwarding, assign that with a specific internal IP address, and then configure that computer by dedicating a internal IP address to that machine.

Apple's IP range is from to So I can assign that computer with and then tell the router "hey, this machine is!!!"

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by LarryD4 In reply to Ahh I see...

Your basically telling the router, anything that comes in to the public IP over this specific port should be sent directly to this ip address on the private side.

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Will try today

by TECHASAURUS In reply to Yes

Ok cool, I will try that today!

Thanks Larry, I'll report back! Oh, Apple Time Capsule is a pain in the butt to use, so wish me luck, haha.

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