How to assign fixed IP address at the router?

By Healer ·
I want to assign fixed IP addresses to specific MAC addresses using the DHCP reservation in the router (Netgear). When I assign those being connected at the time I get error message of duplicate MAC address. So I turn off those computers in question. I manage to add them in. However, it wouldn't work. The ipconfig shows the IPv4 address takes over the gateway address and the default gateway address is blank. I wonder what I could have done wrong. I don't want to set up from the computer side because I believe it is more reliable doing this way when I move the computer around between different networks. I don't want to use DHCP server for security reason so computer won't work automatically when plugged onto the network. I avoid using netsh for the sake of convenience.

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Turn off DHCP all together

by seanferd In reply to How to assign fixed IP ad ...

Just assign each a static IP. Don't use DHCP reservation.

If you provide an exact model and revision of the router, we can look at the documentation. Or provide the link to the exact documentation at the Netgear site.

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Netgear Wireless Cable Voice Gateway EMTA CVG824G v3

by Healer In reply to Turn off DHCP all togethe ...

I am contacting Netgear support. So far I have not got anything I didn't know or haven't tried. If I use static IP I would have to set up the IP every time I go to a different network.

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