How to Assign IP Address and Name to HP pro curve 1800 switch?

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i want to know how to assign ip address and name to switch , please tell me step by step

Meer Akbar Ali

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The manual for this device is located here.......

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to How to Assign IP Address ...

Q: What type of management is available for the ProCurve 1800 Series Switches?
The 1800 Series Switches are Web Managed switches. This means that the Web interface is the only method for managing and configuring the switch. The 1800 Series Switches have a user-friendly Web interface and are designed to allow users to add basic capabilities to their without adding complexity. The 1800 Series Switches do not have a console port or command line interface and do not support SNMP management.

Q: What does it mean to be Web Managed?
The 1800 is a Web managed switch.

What it does:

* You can configure features through a Web interface
* You can assign an IP address
* You can set the system name if you desire so that the switches' name and information will appear when you use PCM or an SNMP based management agent (such as a MIB browser) to discover the switch.
* You can discover and map the device using PCM.
* And you can launch a single 1800's Web UI through PCM. This provides a centralized way to "get to" the 1800s (rather than typing the IP address into your browser).

What it doesn't do:

* No support for SNMP (this would make it "fully managed" by industry definitions)
* No console port
* No CLI or menu based configuration (Web UI is the ONLY way to configure the switch)
* No device configuration through PCM (except to launch an individual 1800's Web UI as described above)
* No PCM+ or IDM

Q: What is the default SNMP community name for the ProCurve Switch 1800 series?
The default SNMP community name for the ProCurve Switch 1800 series is "public".

Q: Can the ProCurve 1800 Series Switches be managed through ProCurve Manager?
ProCurve Manager (PCM) can discover the ProCurve Switch 1800 Series, and place them on the network topology map. Once the switch is discovered, PCM can be used to launch the ProCurve Switch 1800 series Web UI.

Q: What is the default IP address of the ProCurve 1800 Series Switches?
The default IP address is with a 24 bit subnet mask ( Further information about initial switch configuration is available in the Installation and Getting Started Guide.

Q: What do I do if I forget the IP address I set on the ProCurve 1800 Series Switch?
If you are using a management application like ProCurve Manager, you may be able to check on the IP address there. If you configured the switch to receive a DHCP address, (DHCP is turned off by default) you may be able to check the DHCP server for a list of leased addresses by searching for the switch MAC address (printed on the outside of your ProCurve 1800 Switch). If you both of those steps fail or are not applicable to your environment, you can reset the switch to factory defaults and use the default address to communicate with the management interface.

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