How to attain a DSL/Low Latnecy connection in the boonies?

By tjsamb ·
I'm looking specifically for a low latency connection for online gaming. DSL or cable is not available in my area, as I am about 8 miles from the nearest town. I tried satellite internet but soon found out that it is even worse than dialup for gaming, so I am wondering - What are my options here?

I'd really like to get a fast download rate along with low latency, but it isn't completely necessary.

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Is there cellular service out where you are at???

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to How to attain a DSL/Low L ...

If so, you may be able to use a wireless broadband service provided by a cellphone provider.

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by LarryD4 In reply to Is there cellular service ...

Every carrier has a broadband connectiity option for laptops, etc.

Or you can use something like this..
To connect to a cellular provider.

You could go satelite!
DSS have broadband options for the customers also.

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thanks guys - another question

by tjsamb In reply to Yeah!

Thanks for the responses guys, I have a question, though, would cellular broadband have low enough latency for online gaming, and would it have a decent download rate?

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Check the provider

by LarryD4 In reply to thanks guys - another que ...

But I'll tell ya, the Verizon card is working great in my laptop and I play


with no issues.

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Like the other posts, the option is to get a aircard..

Fit the aircard into your computer and get connected that way. It will be expensive though because of using the mobile networks. Gaming takes up a lot of bandwidth so you might (if you beg) get it cheaper. :)

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How about reception?

by tjsamb In reply to Like the other posts, the ...

I am seriously considering this as a means to play xbox live, WoW, etc, my last question is -
How's the reception? Is it any better than that of a mobile phone? I'm not sure if it's our particular phones or not(I have a blackjack 2, she has a shine), but my wife and I aren't getting much reception in our house - 1-3 bars every now and then, about half of the time none. Would an aircard get any better?

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If you are having difficulty with reception.

Then try and put an aerial outside and route the cable inside to another aerial. You can get a aerial that is like a cable that you can hang inside the house. This will give you better coverage and the cost is very small.
There is a better way, but it depends how far away you are from your neighbors. The plan is if your neighbors have good broadband connection then you can come up with an agreement of piggybacking off of their connection with a wireless router. You have to pay them some money for doing so, but you will have a very fast connection than your mobile. Or get your own satellite. :)

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