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how to auto send an email daily from outlook express

By drcarla ·
How do I send the same email automatically every day with Outlook Express? I would like to send my patients an email every day to my patients as a reminder to floss every day.


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Two points.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to how to auto send an email ...

One, Outlook Express doesn't have any scheduling capability. Outlook does, but not Outlook Express.

Two, as a dental patient, I would quickly grow tired of receiving such messages and begin deleting all e-mails from you automatically (something Outlook Express can do). That means any appointment reminders or billing messages you send would also be deleted. I suggest you consider restricting your e-mail to a patient to messages that are specific to that individual. What you are proposing is very close to spamming.

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I agree

by GSG In reply to Two points.

If I got a daily email reminding me to floss, I'd probably wrap the floss around that dentist's neck, then find a new dentist.

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Now that you mention it

by CharlieSpencer In reply to I agree

one more point. If Doc insists on doing this, be sure to use the BCC field for the addresses, not the To or BC. I had to contact my own dentist's office regarding an e-mail sent to all patients using the To field, exposing my address to hundreds of total strangers.

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In the strictest interpretation

by GSG In reply to Now that you mention it

That might be considered a HIPAA violation. Your name is supposed to be protected information, so you could interpret that your privacy was violated. It's a stretch, but, what the heck?

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I guess so.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to In the strictest interpre ...

I just called the office manager and explained the use of 'BCC' to him.

I had a computer training company do that to me twice; one that is an MS partner and offers Certified Ethical Hacker and other security certs! And it wasn't even business-related e-mail; it was a damn NCAA bracket both times. I gave them both barrels, point blank, and threatened to send my next response as 'Reply to All'.

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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Two points.

never make it past my spam filter. I'd see a reminder from my dentist to floss in the spam folder and I wouldn't even mark it as not spam.

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by santeewelding In reply to how to auto send an email ...

You in deep doodoo.

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