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    How to, automatically, create a new record in Access with correct dates


    by michel zimacon ·

    I have a lot of experience with access but not with coding since I don’t like coding. Coding often means losing flexibility and increasing maintenance.

    However there is one issue that keeps nagging me since it probably cannot be done without coding. And I do not know how to code this.

    In my databases I always use tables with four datestamp fields, (physical) create date, active date (which maybe earlier or later than create date), date inactive (logical inactive date), delete date (physical inactive date).

    This enables me to ask queries on a logical time horizon and a physical time horizon.

    Let’s assume that I have a table with GL accounts and a table with GL accountnumbers. The GL accountnumbers may vary in time since their dates vary.

    I’m looking for a way to change a specific record in the GL accountnumbers table, by changing the accountnumber.
    The procedure/form or other code should take the new accountnumber and put it in a new record, set the delete date of the changed record to today, the create date of the new record to today, set the logical inactive date of the old record to the same date as the new accountnumber logical active date.

    I would appreciate anyone’s comments.

    Best regards,

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