How to automatically delete disabled Active Directory Accounts?

By GMcFlyPCGuy ·
Every week my company generates termination reports of all the employees that we lost. I then disable these accounts in AD and put the termination date in the account description. My boss tells me today that we need to delete these accounts after 3 months. I want to know if their is a way to set up a rule or something to automatically delete these disabled accounts after a designated time period has elapsed. Any ideas?

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Hey thanks for the tip. I read in my AD book that a powershell or a VB script could accomplish this with ease, however; my company has many levels in the IT department. I would have to request permission from many departments to install powershell or run a script on the servers (Bummer). So instead, I created a query with all the definitions set to what I wanted and it shows me the users I'm looking for. So I'll manually clean it up and put a new procedure in place to check the query monthly to manually delete all the users (like 30 a month I imagine). It's not quite what I wanted but it'll keep my boss happy without loading me down with too much extra work.

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