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    How to automatically minimize a command window upon invocation


    by kvernon ·

    Hi! Was hoping someone here could help me with a problem I’ve been chasing. I need my users to be able to enter ‘ssh://hostname’ into the address bar of their browser and have that launch a putty session to ‘hostname’. To that end, I registered the protocol by adding some keys to the registry. For more info on how to do this, see
    This allows me to specify in the registry what should happen whenever someone types ‘ssh://hostname’ in the address bar. Unfortunately, I was unable to simply have it launch putty.exe because when I did that, putty tried to connect to the host ssh. What I needed was a script to act as intermediary and remove the ‘ssh://’ and simply pass ‘hostname’ to putty. I wrote a simple bash shell script to do just that, installed cygwin utilities which allow me to run a bash shell (unix environment) such that now I can type ‘ssh://hostname’ into the browser address bar, which then launches bash.exe in a black “DOS Window” and then my putty session to ‘hostname’. Wonderful! Except one thing. I don’t want the black DOS window to show at all, or if it does, it should be minimized so that my users don’t get confused. I know that in win9x there was a simple option within the properties of any “DOS” application that, if checked, would run the application minimized, however, that seems to have been removed in w2k. Does anyone know how I can fix this? Thanks!

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