how to autorun the autorun.inf file in pendrv?

By computerji ·
i want to automtcly run the my own autorun.inf file when i attach the pendrive.

i coded autorun.inf file as

and the coding of a.bat file is also errorless and legal nd saved both of thm in pndrv.

but it dsn't work,...
what to do????
plz help.....
thnx ji....

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Is autorun set to run on USB ports?

by seanferd In reply to how to autorun the autoru ...

It is actually a very bad thing to leave on. Several Microsoft updates were released to turn it off.

With drive in USB port, right click on drive in Explorer, and allow your chosen autorun actions.

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Virus replication

by Brenton Keegan In reply to Is autorun set to run on ...

USB drives are one method by which viruses propagate. A process running on a computer will copy the autorun info to a removable device when it is attached. When this drive is then plugged into other computers it will drop malicious code.

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i believe

by SystemCheck In reply to how to autorun the autoru ...

within athe autorun coding u need to select the drive letter since its a removable drive, try using the "IF" commands.

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