How to avoid creating the ?Application Data? junction point

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How to avoid creating the ?Application Data? junction point my application.

1. I have created a setup.exe for one application and installed on Windows 2008.

2. Go to C:\\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Local\

3. Change the folder option (Tools -> Folder Options -> View?Advanced settings) to;

a) Show hidden files and folders

b) Unhide protected operating system files

4. I am seeing seeing ?Application Data? folder under the location described in above step #2.

5. If i double click on ?Application Data? folder, the operation will fail with error message popup because of folder security setting.

6. Right click the ?Application Data? folder and change the folder security (Properties -> Security -> Group of user names) by;

a)Select user ?EVERYONE? and select ?Remove? (Ignore the warning message and click YES).

7. Again, double click the ?Application Data? folder and now you should be able to access it.

8. Again and again, double click the ?Application Data? and you should find out that this folder is link to itself that infinite loop is created.

How to avoid creating this junction point for?Application Data? folder.

I dont know the root cause, why it is creating the junction point.

If anyone has come across this problem please help me in this regard.

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