How to avoid inappropriate use of computer?

By sky_tech ·
Our medium sized business allows all users to access the internet. Our Windows 2003 server uses Windows Proxy Server to cache the sites visited by users to speed up access and to reduce costs. Our business management team is concerned about a small number of users are using work time to access inappropriate material on the internet.

What is the best way to find out what sites have been visited and the best way to stop this in the future?

Thanks in advance

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Content Advisor in IE

by squirrelonfire In reply to How to avoid inappropriat ...

1) Best way to find out which websites have been visited is
by inspecting the log on your web server, either hosted by
your company or your web hosting services.

2) Content Advisor under the Content tab in Internet
Explorer restrict the usage of websites based on its rating.
You can use your Win 2003 to configure a group policy to
enable IE to allow or disallow certain rating website to be

3) This method does not always work according to MCDST
70-271 exam. If a website does have a rating but does
not contain a rating certificate, the user still can access
the website.

Hope this helps.

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is there another way?

by sky_tech In reply to Content Advisor in IE

thanks for the reply.. the first part helped.. but is there another way to block such inappropriate sites?.. maybe a program/software that can be installed? We need a way to stop this practice from happening in the future.

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